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My Apt2B Bedroom

Can you believe it’s been over a year since I moved into my new place!? I mean, I know time flies, but wow, it really does feel like yesterday.

With so much going on and a manic schedule, I finally finished my bedroom area. I wanted something sophisticated, modern and chic. Luckily, I was able to collaborate with Apt2B on yet another amazing project…

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Crossroads Kitchen

This past weekend we had the loveliest time celebrating my sister and her boyfriend's birthdays, yes, they both have the same birthday. Our restaurant of choice? Crossroads Kitchen by Chef Tal Ronnen. I think I have to deem this my absolute favorite place to eat. Their food is at another level. My favorite part? Crossroads isn't a place that highlights being plant-based, it highlights good food. It's a place for food fans.

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Mesa Verde

This place has definitely earned a special place on my list, hence why I have to share it with you. With tons of GF and Vegan options on the menu, it's got something for everyone. Its bright local flavors, unique offerings and creative plates make this place standout from a crowd of garden burger and quinoa vegetarian restaurants. It's high-end farm to table goodness. 

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Black on Black

I  am so excited for this weekend! This time tomorrow I will be in NY. It is a business trip, but I've never been and am excited nonetheless. This week has been so overwhelming but rewarding. I try to not complain much because I absolutely love what I do and am so lucky to be able to work from almost wherever I want, be creative and meet so many lovely people on the job. Growing up I knew I wanted to be my own boss and I knew I loved many things, but nothing quite as much as fashion...

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Taking a break with...

These days, I'm constantly on the go. So when I need a little music, I love using NextRadio. It's not just another music app, it's a smart music app that taps into your local FM radio. It uses your phone's built-in FM receiver which results in 3X better battery life and 20X less data usage. Umm, hello more data and battery for everything else...

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