Dressed Up

Happy Monday!!

I've got a serious crush on this dress/cape from C/MEO Collective.

So, I've been wanting bangs for a year now, but I've had some commitment issues. I just couldn't bother with the thought of the awkward length trials soon to sadden me every morning while getting ready. Because let's face it, I'm more than likely going to get tired of bangs. I had gone to several hair shops all over LA and no one had clip-ins close enough to my hair colour (it's virgin, apparently this makes it harder to match). While in NY I had the chance to meet with the girls from HairUWear and they helped me finally find a solution! So I was kind of overly excited when they brought me these and they matched so well! Several of you have DM'd me or commented on them and now you know my secret. ;) I even had a friend mention he'd thought I had hid them over the weekend and was confused as to how I had them Friday and Sunday but not Saturday.  *hehe

You can find my clip in bangs here. I had mine cut and styled by the lovely Melissa at Spoke & Weal.

Until next time,
Brenda xx