I love a good, daring outfit. This draped front number from DÉMODÉ is just that. Paired with thigh-high glittery boots, I was excited to shoot one of my more bold looks of the year. 

You know, every year I've made the same New Year's resolution because each year I didn't follow through. This year, I've decided against an NYR. 

The funny thing is, I've always known better. NYR's often don't work because resolutions and goals shouldn't be scheduled. If you want to do something, you need to decide on it then and there. Quitting smoking after your last pack is less likely successful than quitting smoking then and there, throwing out that pack and making that commitment. It's a matter of how badly you want something.

Some of my most successful accomplishments didn't come from planning, they came from doing. And no, I'm not saying chuck out your planners (staying organized is obviously important), I'm saying be a little more daring. It not only feels good, it's so much more successful and rewarding.

Brenda xx

Dress: DÉMODÉ | Boots: ZARA