Calgary Stampede: Day 2

Jacket: wolf and lamb
Denim: Topshop
Top: Akira
Boots: Arnold Churgin
Neckwear: wolf and lamb
Belt: Anarchy Street

This outfit is all about the wolf and lamb jacket and Arnold Churgin boots. I'm so excited to be collaborating with them! wolf and lamb, made in LA, designs one-of-a-kind vintage styles with a green point of view. They basically reconstruct vintage jackets into modern cuts. They're both sustainable and original. As for the boots, well they brought my outfit together perfectly for the occasion and kept my feet warm and comfy through all of that rain! They're Canadian (Calgary-based to be exact), +10 points in my books. But hey, that may be a biased opinion.  ;) 


Although #Stampede2016 has been quite gray and wet, it's probably been my favorite yet. Not only was I so excited for all the outfits, shows, food, horses, music and people, but I got to share highlights with you on my blog, Instagram and Snapchat. It's so special to know I get to share my experiences and perhaps inspire and excite others. I have so much fun watching others live out their own adventures, and now I get to do the same. This is me guys, and although there are filters added to my photos and I may facetune a pimple here and there, this is a little glimpse of my life. 

Here's some realness for you. I had to wear this outfit two days in a row because it's been raining so much. So when Jen (my sister) and I finally caught a moment of no rain, we hopped out the car and shot this. In fact, this happened with my last blog post too, only I had to put that one on four times. 

Here's the thing, Instagram and blogging isn't always what it seems, it's true. I may not currently be at that coffee shop I posted 5 seconds ago. And I repeat outfits every now and then because maybe they didn't shoot the way I wanted them to the first time. I'm super picky. I've been picky my whole life, and although sometimes it's a pain, it's what makes me good at what I do. 

I'm not here to show off all my pretty clothes, I'm here to share my perspective, my style, my favorites. I'm not here to deceive, I just like documenting and highlighting parts of my life that are fun, good and beautiful. People have different ways of expressing themselves or sharing, whether it be a painting, a book, music or a picture. I happen to document mine through social media.

Brenda xx