Dune London x tastemak-er

Dune London backless loafer: night out vs. easy day at the office


Backless Loafers: Dune London
Top: Zara
Pants: Bless'ed Are The Meek
Joker: Zara
Bag: Zara

Backless Loafers:
 Dune London
Lace cami: Zara
Skirt: Victoria's Secret robe
Belt: Na-kd
Timepiece: Nicole Vienna
Jewelry: Zara

Hi my lovely readers <3

I'm so excited to share with you, my newest obsession, these Dune backless loafers.

Move aside heels, it's time for backless flat loafers. I'm crazy for these smart but casual shoes. They're edgy and one of the trendiest fits of the season. They not only look good, but feel good too— they're a treat for your feet. Their versatility and color choice make them so easy to style. And let's face it, life's pretty hectic as it is already, doesn't it feel good to slide on a pair of comfy shoes and know they'll look good with just about anything? I know I'm in (Insert sassy girl emoji here).

For my first look, 'night out,' I went with an edgy, romantic ensemble. I took cues from my high school days and made my own skirt, aka I tied my silk robe into a skirt and added a belt. 

For 'easy day at the office,' I love these cropped flare pants. They frame the backless loafers so well! Doesn't a great outfit just make you feel so good? It's so satisfying when you've got easy to match pieces like these shoes.

Which color is your favorite?

Check out Dune London's full collection of flat shoes.