W San Francisco



What we had:


kale, spinach, cucumber, apple


Espresso, almond milk


Seasonal fruit, brown sugar


Roasted tomato salsa, crispy tortilla, queso cotija


Squash, pomegranate seeds, arugala, pumpkin seed

This past weekend Carlen and I spent our time in famous San Francisco. I must say, I fell in love and will definitely be going back (more on that later this week). While there, we stayed at the W Hotel, where iconic design and contemporary luxury bond to bring exceptional experiences.

As soon as we arrived, we knew we weren't going to have your usual hotel experience. The staff was welcoming and the environment was modern and vibrant. Our room was nestled in the corner on the 9th floor, it had a beautiful skyline view, perfect for morning coffee and conversation. Soft 350-thread-count linens? Check! Goose-down duvet? Check! Bright bathroom with good-for-make-up-application lighting, soft towels and great shower? Check! All these things contribute to a good night sleep and easy morning which translates to a more energetic Brenda ready to take on the city. 

The W in San Fran is set in the middle of downtown, right across the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and only blocks from Union Square with plenty of places to shop nearby. Getting around from here is easy. 

As custom with each W, there's always an amazing restaurant. At the W San Francisco, there's TRACE, dedicated to delicious socially responsible food. A more unique aspect of their sustainable practices is their use of "TRACE Rooftop Honey," which literally comes from their rooftop hives. TRACE rescued two wild honey bee colonies which were once considered pests and installed them on the rooftop of the W San Francisco. With the Yerba Buena Gardens nearby, the bees thrive in their new environment. By the way, their honey is quite delicious. :)

Overall, we had an amazing experience and would highly recommend W San Francisco. It's a unique but comfortable experience.

Until next time,

For more info on W San Francisco or to book your stay visit: http://www.wsanfrancisco.com